Salary for Animator

       Actual data of Movie animator was earned that the important issue for movie or video game animator to face their future career is salary.Many factors can influence animator’s salary .The salary is determine by a few thing such as:
  • The level of animator’s education.
  • The animator’s experience
  • The country where the animator work
  • The type of company you work for

       This is a general idea for guidance when you may not know the specifics range of salary.Bureau of Labor Statistics said that the multimedia artist and animators earned an median salary of $56,330. The half from them earned between $41,710 and $77,010. This was their report in 2008.
       Movie animator career that challenges and provide you with the opportunity to use all creativity and art style must be a precious experience. Based on this statement, salary is not everything. That is only one part of job satisfaction.

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