Computer Animator Job “The real fact and story” - part 1

       Globally, 3D animators are responsible for range of graphics ,from the images people see on movie  screens to the digital graphics shown on the evening news.
The type of work offers many possibilities for animation field in the industry.Until year 2018 animators have good job prospects, The Bureau Of Labor Statistics said.
        Animator have responsibility for making digital graphics as good as computer animation. Character animation is one of them.The most important skills for an animator are  :
 -possess creativity,
-drawing skill
-collaboration with other animators on a project.

         A few stages needed for animation process are including of:
       -Post -production
Each phases requires different techniques, even an animator have many skills to do the process in more than one phase of production process.
Storyboarding and layout skill are the most useful for animators working in pre –production design.

In the phase of production, animators can stand with character animation skills such as character rigging and modelling.

What is character rigging?
Character rigging is a creation character bones process and other relative skill used to prepare the character for animating.


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