Computer Animator Job “The real fact and story” - part 2

What is character modeling?

       According to Steven Winthrow  in “Secrets of Digital Animation.”, character modeling is a process to develop the structure of a character ,and then prepare it for the next step of the animation process.
There are so many sample about showing the modeling process. This is a sample was made by me. 
"Creating a parking loft"

     In the Post –production phase of animation, skills in editing and compositing are demanded by the animator.
This phase offers good of some interesting work for the post-production animator, because the animators will combine all the separate images and component created in the production phase earlier in to a whole.

       The most interesting in this industry is...there is no important to the  animator require a degree to work in the industry ,base on the Animator's Salary Data website. The artistic talent to start working are possessed by many animator.

But Animator should plan on getting some education for some skills to acquiring the necessary computer skills to work in the industry, that usually take 2- or 4-year program.
The types of programs to develop these skill sets vary and range from basic certificate programs in animation to associate's, bachelor's or master's degrees. The type of Degree in certificate programs are:
  • visual effects
  •  game design
  • filmmaking
  • animation

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