3D Fluid Simulation Logo Tips

The liquid simulation logo.The process are:
  1. Create 3d model that show up a word.
  2. Export it as obj format.
  3. Import into Realflow, a fluid simulation application
  4. Make the simulation until the fluid filling up the chambers/inner part of 3d text/object.
  5. Import the sequences of simulation file into 3ds Max
  6. Render with Vray as your own style

Character rigging and Animation with Character Animation Toolkit.

A video tutorial showing the process of rigging and animating a character with character animation Toolkit .Please enjoy.

3 heads dragon in action !

A demonstration of 3 head dragon in action. Made with 3dsmax and Character Animation Toolkit(CAT) .The process was very simple because of CAT, the new feature of 3dsMax. This is a fast way to produce character animation with little effort of rigging and animation instantly.

Writing on Water Surface Video Effect

This video simulation showing the special effect of writing on water surface.2008 production, made with 3ds Max animation software, Realflow simulation software, Vray rendering and Combustion compositing software.

Medan International Airport,Indonesia

This 3D Simulation video was made by me in 2008. The story line is showing the appearance of Medan International Airport after building process end.


Salary for Animator

       Actual data of Movie animator was earned that the important issue for movie or video game animator to face their future career is salary.Many factors can influence animator’s salary .The salary is determine by a few thing such as:
  • The level of animator’s education.
  • The animator’s experience
  • The country where the animator work
  • The type of company you work for

       This is a general idea for guidance when you may not know the specifics range of salary.Bureau of Labor Statistics said that the multimedia artist and animators earned an median salary of $56,330. The half from them earned between $41,710 and $77,010. This was their report in 2008.
       Movie animator career that challenges and provide you with the opportunity to use all creativity and art style must be a precious experience. Based on this statement, salary is not everything. That is only one part of job satisfaction.

Find Your Path in Animation Career in Industry.

The Career Paths Of Animator For Graduates.
In pursue a variety of jobs, education brings you the skills you need for. Animation trainings give you the experiment with many different stages of the production process.When done on feature-length animate production, small army of animators are involve often .

Below are types of computer animation jobs to consider for you as you start your career. This list presents you an idea of the kinds of jobs out there and which one will fits into your career.

Animation Careers: Pre-Production Phase
In this phase all design for everything from background to the characters must be completed and prepared for production phase.

The animator team complete the following kinds of task:
  • Art and Design
  • Illustration and Layout
  • Storyboarding to guide the animator stay in the line. 
  • Developing tool that will be used for. 

Animation Careers: Production Phase

The production team can do their job in excellent way after the design for each element is complete. They make animated sequences, special effects, texture, lighting and camera.They can focus to the these ask:
  • Animation
  • Character rigging
  • Lighting
  • Modeling
  • Rendering
  • Texturing
  • Visual Effects

Animation Careers: Post-Production Phase

This phase give the finishing touches on that project. Workers who specialize in the post-production will compete the following kinds of process:
  • Compositing
  • Editing
  •  Scanning



Computer Animator Job,“the real fact and story” - part 3_End


The animator does become cartoons or animated features ideally. But not all the work that the animator does becomes. For instant, instead of characters, animators who deal in the design industry might use their skills to design products.  

Based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics, salary for an animator is... $56,330 per year, in averages. $65,600 a year earned by animators working in video game industries and the motion picture. $52,530 a year will earn by animators in the field of advertising.



Computer Animator Job “The real fact and story” - part 2

What is character modeling?

       According to Steven Winthrow  in “Secrets of Digital Animation.”, character modeling is a process to develop the structure of a character ,and then prepare it for the next step of the animation process.
There are so many sample about showing the modeling process. This is a sample was made by me. 
"Creating a parking loft"

     In the Post –production phase of animation, skills in editing and compositing are demanded by the animator.
This phase offers good of some interesting work for the post-production animator, because the animators will combine all the separate images and component created in the production phase earlier in to a whole.

       The most interesting in this industry is...there is no important to the  animator require a degree to work in the industry ,base on the Animator's Salary Data website. The artistic talent to start working are possessed by many animator.

But Animator should plan on getting some education for some skills to acquiring the necessary computer skills to work in the industry, that usually take 2- or 4-year program.
The types of programs to develop these skill sets vary and range from basic certificate programs in animation to associate's, bachelor's or master's degrees. The type of Degree in certificate programs are:
  • visual effects
  •  game design
  • filmmaking
  • animation


Computer Animator Job “The real fact and story” - part 1

       Globally, 3D animators are responsible for range of graphics ,from the images people see on movie  screens to the digital graphics shown on the evening news.
The type of work offers many possibilities for animation field in the industry.Until year 2018 animators have good job prospects, The Bureau Of Labor Statistics said.
        Animator have responsibility for making digital graphics as good as computer animation. Character animation is one of them.The most important skills for an animator are  :
 -possess creativity,
-drawing skill
-collaboration with other animators on a project.

         A few stages needed for animation process are including of:
       -Post -production
Each phases requires different techniques, even an animator have many skills to do the process in more than one phase of production process.
Storyboarding and layout skill are the most useful for animators working in pre –production design.

In the phase of production, animators can stand with character animation skills such as character rigging and modelling.

What is character rigging?
Character rigging is a creation character bones process and other relative skill used to prepare the character for animating.